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Miscellaneous statements

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Miscellaneous statements
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Syntax and description
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Syntax and description

Statement Function

Change current drive.


Define a label. To avoid being confused with a drive letter, a label cannot be a single alphabetic character.

( statement_list )

Group a list of statements, saving and restoring the current drive and current directory during execution. (Current directory settings on other drives are not saved and restored.)

break [ name ]

Exit from the named or, by default, the innermost switch, foreach, for, while or repeat statement.

continue [ name ]

Continue with the next iteration of the named or innermost foreach, for, while or repeat.

exit [ expr ]

Exit from this thread or, if this is the main thread, from the C shell.

goto name

Continue at the labeled statement.

onintr statement

Define the action to be taken if an interrupt is signaled. Whatever's running is interrupted all the way back up to the block in which the onintr was defined. That statement is run in the current thread and execution continues with the next statement in the block where the onintr was defined. When execution leaves a block in which an onintr is defined, the previous onintr (if any) again takes effect. To ignore or defer interrupts, use the irqmask variable.

source wordargs

Read and process statements from a file as if they were typed into this thread.

time statement

Execute the statement and report how long it took.


Comment text up to the end of the line. To be recognized as a valid comment, the # must be followed by at least one space or tab.

## comment ##

Embedded comment. To be recognized, the ## tokens should be preceded and followed by white space.

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You can set the screen colors to your taste.