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Expression operators

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Expression operators
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In order of decreasing precedence.

Operator Meaning
(   )
Grouping or procedure call arguments
{   }
Run the enclosed statement list and return 1 if it succeeds or 0 otherwise.
[   ]
Array indexing. (The first element is element 0.)
-A   -C   -D   -H
-R   -S   -d   -e
-f   -o   -w   -x
-z   -t   -s

File system tests. Each takes a single word which may contain wildcards as an operand.

++   --
Prefix and postfix increment/decrement. Right to left associativity.
~    -    !    +
Bitwise, arithmetic and logical complements and unary plus. Right to left associativity.
** Exponentiation. Right to left associativity.
*    /    %    //
Multiplication, division, remainder and integer division
+    -
Addition and subtraction
<<   >>
<    <=   >=   >
Relation testing operators
==   !=   =~   !~
Equality and pattern-matching operators
& Bit And
^ Bit Xor
| Bit Or
&& Logical And
|| Logical Or
?    :
Conditional selection. Right to left associativity.
=    +=   -=   *=
/=   %=   //=  >>=
<<=  &=   ^=   |=
Assignment operators


Precedence and associativity is the same as C except for the addition of the new operators. Except as noted, operators of equal precedence group left to right so, e.g., 10/5*2 is read as (10/5)*2 = 4, not 10/(5*2) = 1.

Expressions result in sensible types, considering both the types and the values of the operands. For example, 10/2 returns the integer 5 but 5/2 produces the floating point value 2.5. Also, the integer 1, the floating point value 1.0 and the string "1" all compare equal.

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Getting started with Hamilton C shell

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You can set the screen colors to your taste.