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Initialized variables

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Initialized variables
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Predefined initialized variables
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Each thread gets its own copies of the following variables. Each is always initialized to the default, not inherited. In addition, each new thread is initialized with default on-interrupt processing (a forced exit), and null search and replace strings.

Predefined initialized variables

Name Default Use

A synonym for the getline variable when typed as $<.


A synonym for the stmtnumber variable when typed as $@.

child 0

Identification number of the last child process spawned.

echoinput 0

Copy the input to stdout as it’s read. (Similar to echoallinput but not inherited to a child thread.)

eofgetline 0

Pseudo-variable to indicate if the last reference to getline encountered an end-of-file condition.


Read one character from stdin without echoing. If stdin is tied to the keyboard, outboard keys are returned as two-character strings.


Read one line from stdin pseudo-variable. If stdin is tied to the keyboard, keystrokes are echoed as they’re typed.

history 0

Number of statements to remember on the history list; 0 turns off the history mechanism. (If the thread is interactive, history is automatically set to 100.)

ignoreeof 0

If True, don’t exit at EOF on stdin; insist on an exit command.

ignoreerrors 0

Determine whether execution should continue if an error occurs: 0 means the thread exits; 1 (the default for an interactive thread) means exit from loops or procedures and try to read a new command; 2 means ignore all errors.

ignorestatus 1

If True, a non-zero status code from a child process is ignored. Otherwise, it’s an error.

interactive 0

If True, prompt for input.

irqmask 0

Determines whether interrupts are enabled 0, deferred until the mask is cleared again 1 or ignored 2.


Name of the C shell script file being executed, if any.

status 0

Exit code of the last child process.

stmtnumber 1

Autoincremented statement number used with the history list and in prompting.


Thread id of the currently executing thread.

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