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Shared variables

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Shared variables
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Predefined shared variables
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These shell variables are shared across the entire C shell process among all threads. If one thread changes the value of any of these variables, the change is instantly seen by all other threads.

These specific shell variables are read-only.

NTVersion OperatingSystem processid shell WinBuild WinVersion

In contrast to environment variables, all shell variables are case-sensitive.

Predefined shared variables

Name Default Use

A synonym for the processid variable when typed as $$.

bsdhistory 0

By default, !! is the immediately preceding command and !-1 is the one before that. Setting bsdhistory = 1 makes them the same.

cdpath null

Same as the CDPATH environmental variable, broken into words.


Same as the CSHTITLE environmental variable.

escapesym ^

Character to be interpreted as a literal escape character. Same as the ESCAPESYM environmental variable.

histchars !%

Characters which introduce long-form and short-form history references, respectively.


Same as the HOME environmental variable.


Obsolete name for the WinBuild variable.


Name of the operating system on which the shell is running. Possible values are Windows NT and Windows 9x.


Same as the PATH environmental variable, broken into words.


The unique process ID assigned by the Windows kernel to this copy of the C shell.

prompt1 $@ $CDISK%

Same as PROMPT1 environmental variable.

prompt2 $@ $CDISK?

Same as PROMPT2 environmental variable.

savehist 0

Save the history contents into history.csh in the home directory.


Same as the SHELL environmental variable.


Build number of the Windows system on which the shell is running, e.g., 7601 for Windows 7.


Version number of the Windows API on which the shell is running, e.g., 6.1 for Windows 7.

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