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Inherited variables

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Inherited variables
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Predefined inherited variables
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Each thread gets its own copies of the following variables, but the initial value is inherited from its parent thread. The defaults are the initial values when the C shell starts.

Predefined inherited variables

Name Default Use

A synonym for the argv variable when typed as $*.


Any argument words passed to the shell or to a .csh script file.

bsdargv 0

If set, $argv[0] contains the name of the script, just as it would under the original Berkeley C shell; by default, $argv[0] is the first argument word.

cdhome 0

If set, the cd command with no argument is the same as cd $home. Default is to simply print the current directory name.


Current disk, not including the colon.


Same as cdisk, but in upper case.

chgdisk 0

If set, cd automatically changes the current disk if the path is on another disk.


Full pathname of the current directory.

echoallinput 0

Copy the input to stdout as it’s read. Similar to echoinput, but inherited from parent to child threads.

gotowindow 50

Number of statements a goto can jump over (when not inside a nested block) without being considered an error.

nohashing 0

Determine how/whether path hashing is done: 0 means full path hashing of the directories on the search path; 1 means turn off hashing completely; 2 means hash only the directories which do not depend on the setting of the current directory.

noclobber 0

If True, don’t allow redirection to overwrite an existing file unless the ! override is given.


A synonym for the nowild variable.

nonohidden 0

Determine whether wildcarding will match against hidden files: 0 means don’t match hidden files; 1 means hidden files will be found.

nonomatch 0

Determine the response to a wildcard that doesn’t match anything: 0 means it’s an error; 1 means pass it through to the application; 2 means simply discard it.

nonovar 0

Determine the response to a reference to a non-existent variable, procedure or alias. Same encoding as nonomatch.

nowild 0

Can only be set to true 1 or false 0. Set to true, it turns off filename wildcarding.

nullwords 0

Determines whether an array index off the end of a list is an error 0 or returns a null word 1.

precision 6

Number of decimal places to print when displaying floating point values.


Tells whether this thread is running or called from a script 1 or not 0.

tailstatus 0

Determines whether the status variable will reflect the reflect the return code from the leftmost or rightmost stage of a pipeline: 0 means leftmost; 1 means rightmost.

verbose 0

If true 1, print out all available information when reporting errors.

echoallinput, ignoreerrors and interactive are initialized for the main thread based on command-line options. Each thread has its own independent current disk and current directories, initially inherited from its parent.

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