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        Binary Edit

Usage:  binedit [-ih!-] [-r replace] search file1 [ file2 ... ]

   binedit is a very simple utility for scanning arbitrary files,
   looking for and optionally changing any references to the
   search argument to the replacement value.  binedit is quite
   useful patching binary files, e.g., to replace all occurrences
   of C:\2.0 with C:\2.1.

   Occurrences will be reported as hex offsets from the start
   of the files you name.

   You can also ask binedit to make the change, using the -r
   (replace) option.  Nothing fancy.  It just changes all occur-
   rences to the string you specify and quits.

   Neither the search nor the replace string may contain null
   characters, but otherwise there are no restrictions.


   -h         Help.  (This screen.)
   -i         Ignore character case in the search argument.
   -r replace Replace any occurrences of the search string with
              this replacement value.
   -!         Pad with nulls or truncate the replace string to be
              the same length as the search string.  (Otherwise,
              it's an error if they're different lengths.)
   --         End of options.

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