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        List Volume Labels

Usage:  vl [-acvh-] [ disk1 disk2 ... ]

   vol reports the volume label information on each of the
   specified disks.  If no disks are specified, vol looks for
   a DRIVEMASK environmental variable that can be used to mask
   off just the drives you want reported.  The DRIVEMASK is
   specified as a list of drive letters; ranges are allowed.
   Otherwise all the partitions beginning with c: are reported.
   The current disk's label information is highlighted.

   This command is normally stored in the file vl.exe and invoked
   with an alias so it can be used from cmd.exe without colliding with
   the internal cmd.exe vol function.


   -a   If no disks are specified, report on all disks.
   -c   If no disks are specified, report on just the current disk.
   -v   Verbose.  Also report maximum component length, the
        features it supports and the name of the filesystem.
   -h   Help.
   --   End of options.


   You may set your own choices for screen colors using these
   environmental variables:

      Name         Use                             Default
      COLORS       Normal screen colors            <null string>
      HIGHLIGHT    Current disk                    Bright

   Colors recognized are black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta
   (or red blue), cyan (or blue green) or white.  Foreground and
   background colors may also be bright, dim or reverse.  The names
   of the colors and the words bright, dim, reverse and on may be
   in either upper or lower or mixed case.

   Either or both the foreground and background colors may be
   specified; if you don't specify a value, it's considered
   transparent and inherits the color underneath it.   HIGHLIGHT
   inherits from COLORS.  If COLORS is null, vol uses the current
   screen colors it finds at startup.  Specifying COLORS=none
   turns off all use of color.

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