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        directory:  Find special folder locations

Usage:  directory [-ah!-] [allusers] foldernames ...

   directory returns the actual paths to the specified special
   folders, one per line.  If no foldernames are specified,
   directory lists the symbolic names and locations of all of
   them.  There are four types of these folders:

   1.  System folders, e.g., the windows directory containing
       the operating system files.
   2.  Folders for individual users.  For example, each user
       has his own My Music folder.
   3.  Folders shared by all users, e.g., the directory of
       desktop items shared by all users.
   4.  Virtual folders that don't actually exist as actual
       directories.  For example, the desktop each user sees
       is a virtual folder merging two physical folders, the
       individual user's desktop folder plus the desktop folder
       shared by all users.

   directory can only return the path to a folder that
   actually exists as a physical directory.  It cannot
   return a path to a virtual folder because virtual folders
   don't really exist as physical directories.

   These are the folders for which directory can tell you
   the location:

   System folders:

      system          The Windows system folder.
      windows         The Windows directory.

   Folders for individual users:

      cdburning       The staging area for files waiting to
                      be written to CD.
      cookies         Repository for Internet cookies.
      history         Common repository for Internet history
      internetcache   Repository for temporary Internet files.
      localappdata    Data repository for applications on
                      this machine.
      nethood         Any link objects that may exist in the
                      user's My Network Places virtual folder.
      printhood       Any link objects that may exist in the
                      user's Printers virtual folder.
      profile         The user's profile folder.
      recent          Shortcuts to the user's most recently
                      used documents.
      sendto          The directory containing any Send To
                      menu items.

   Folders that exist both per-user and for all users:

      admintools      Administrative tools.  The Microsoft
                      Management Console will save customized
                      consoles to this directory.
      altstartup      The startup program group.
      appdata         Repository for application-specific data.
      desktop         Directory for storing items on the
      favorites       Repository for favorite items.
      mydocuments     Repository for documents.
      mymusic         Repository for music files.
      mypictures      Repository for image files.
      myvideo         Repository for video files.
      programs        The All Programs group in the Start menu.
      startmenu       Directory containing the Start menu
      startup         Directory containing the Startup
                      program group.  The system starts
                      these programs when the user logs on.
      templates       Directory containing templates.

   If there are both per-user and all users versions of a
   folder, directory returns the path to the current user's
   folder by default.  Prefacing the folder's name by
   "allusers" (as a separate word) or using the -a option
   causes directory to return the path to the shared folder
   used by all users.

   To get the per-user version of a special folder for a
   user other than one current user, run directory using
   the su command.  (See "su -h" for more information.)

   -a         Allusers version of the folder.
   -h         Help.  (This screen.)
   --         End of options.

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