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        Set/Report the Current Window's Show State

Usage:  setwin [-h-] [states]

   Report, then optionally set the current window's show state.
   Any combination of the following states can be set:

      hidden          This window is not visible on either the
                      desktop or on the task bar.
      visible         This window is not hidden.
      maximized       This window is maximized to as large as
      minimized       This window is minimized to the task bar.
      restore         Activate and display this window. If it's
                      minimized or maximized, restore it to its
                      original size and position.
      normal          Same as restore.
      active          This window is now the active (foreground)
                      window. (Implies visible and not minimized.)
      inactive        This window is not active.

   The names of the show states are not case-sensitive and may
   be abbreviated to just the number of characters needed to be


   -h         Help.  (This screen.)
   --         End of options.

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