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        Test whether file1 is newer than all the others

Usage:  newer [-2h-] file1 file2 [ file3 ... ]

   Prints "1" if file1 is newer than all the others, otherwise
   prints "0".


   -2         Two-second granularity for comparing timestamps.
              Timestamps on NTFS have a 100 nanosecond granu-
              larity.  But if the file is copied to a FAT or HPFS
              partition, where the granularity is only in two-
              second increments, the timestamp may be rounded
              up or down, somewhat arbitrarily.  (NT rounds down
              but OS/2 rounds up.)  This option causes any two
              timestamps within any given two-second window
              (endpoints included) to compare equal.
   -h         Help.  (This screen.)
   --         End of options.

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