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        Create or Report a Shortcut

Usage:  shortcut [-h-] [-a arguments ] [-d directory] [-D description]
       [-s showcommand] [-i iconfile] [-x iconindex]
       [-c consoleprop] shortcutfile
       [ linkedpath [ arguments ]]

   Create or report a shortcut.  If both the linkedpath and
   shortcutfile arguments are given, the shortcut is created.
   If only the shortcutfile argument is given, it's reported
   or updated, depending on the presence or absense of any
   options.  If the shortcutfile does not end in a .lnk
   extension, the file will still be created but the
   shell won't recognize it.


   -a arguments    Any command line arguments to be passed
                   to the associated application.  Multiple
                   arguments may be specified using -a options
                   and/or by specifying arguments using -a
                   and following the linkedpath, in which
                   case, they're concatenated with spaces
                   between them.
   -d directory    Initial working directory when opening the
                   linkedpath file.
   -D description  An optional descriptive comment to be added
                   to the shortcut.
   -s showcommand  The initial show state of the window.  May be
                   any one of the following: hidden, minimized,
                   maximized or normal (default).  Show states
                   are case insensitive and only as many characters
                   as necessary to be unique need be specified.
   -i iconfile     The pathname of a file containing the icon to
                   to be associated with this shortcut.
   -x iconindex    An index to the icon within that file, counting
                   from zero.
   -c consoleprop  A console window property setting:
                      Colors=color setting (e.g., white on blue)
                      Popups=color setting
                      ScreenBufferSize=(rows, columns)
                      WindowSize=(rows, columns)
                      Position=(row, column)
                      Font=name (usually either Terminal or
                                Lucida Console)
                      FontSize=(pixels wide, pixels high) or
                                just height for Lucida Console.
   -h              Help.  (This screen.)
   --              End of options.

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